yeah maybe


Perhaps I should actually bother to make some use of this site I pay annually for. The usual happens, something worth logging occurs, I decide that I will in fact write about it, then time decides it won’t have me doing no such thing. I could always make the time, but then It would be my fault, and I can’t have that now.

What’s new? Well after looking at my last post, a lot. It’s well into the new year, Olympics have visited our city and left, I don’t think I even remember them. Most importantly I was given the task of running my own JJ Bean location. Talk about a whole new package of challenges and headaches! I’m learning a lot however, things nobody tells you about until it hits you in the face, unfortunately coffee knowledge is falling to the wayside, feeling a bit left out in that department. Every day something goes wrong, and I’m the one who has to fix it. When I can fix it, it feels great, but having to just wait on someone you called for an answer that you know isn’t going to rectify anything soon just drags your day into the ground. My time off becomes extra valuable now, but valuable in a way that I don’t want to do anything with it, just relax, and be useless. It’s kind of dangerous.

Maybe I need some time off soon?

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  1. 1 Steve

    Yeah, I feel like I’ll have to go to JJ Bean just to see if you’re alive. I understand about the precious time off being used for recovery. Been there.

    Hmm… I should update my site sometime too….. eheh.

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