freshly rigged


Meet “Hubert” my new baby. He’s just over a month old now and is up to all sorts of trouble. I’d go into more details but then I’d just be bragging, and I don’t do that. *Ahem*

Nearly at the end of my guard duty down on Powell street. Ironically the knickers I mentioned in my previous post that I decided would be excellent as part of my cycling getup have yet to be acquired. In a strange twist of fate compounded by the generosity of mothers I was on the receiving end of not one, but two pairs of these elusive cycling shorts. However, I underestimated the girth of my gut and the sizing was highly inaccurate thus returning my gifts for exchange was the only option. Despite not having access to the shorts for the fall months I will still happily commute to my new position this coming January. Yes, another relocation, another store.

This time, instead of simply holding down the fort, I will be officially put in charge. This is both exciting and a little sad. I will miss working with the great people at both Main street and Powell street locations. My destination, come the new year, will be across only one bridge unto the edge of the downtown core along Davie street. I’m looking forward to the challenges (not including the 2010 Olympic chaos) and opportunities this will bring me. The most amazing part of all this? I don’t recall doing any ass kissing. How does that happen?

As for now I’m keeping focused on wrapping things up neatly where I am and looking forward to a more relaxed next month or so. My girlfriends’ birthday is fast approaching. I always have great ideas throughout the year for birthdays, then as the date itself draws near I draw blank. Maybe I should start writing things down. Speaking of my girl, I think I’ll brave the cold wet November Vancouver weather and visit her at work. The free dinner that comes along with the visit ain’t none too bad neither.

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  1. 1 Steve

    Hubert’s a damn monster. (little jealous, i s’pose….)

    New place, new staff, new great people! :) And I look forward to meetin up for lunches or after work bevies, given your new location.

    And birthdays… man, they’re awesome when you have the perfect gift to give or plans… but when you don’t… damn, they’re stressful! :P But they shouldn’t be. I’m sure you’ll pull through. :)

  2. 2 Justin

    Did I tell you I had a dream about you the other night? I wouldn’t have mentioned it save for your promotion to head honcho at a new store. It was all very bizarre, but I dreamt that you had broken up with Kat, left her for your new love….coffee!! All you could talk about was coffee. It was kinda scarey really.

    Seriously though, congratulations my friend! I wish I could come work for you.

  3. 3 Kurtis

    Have you run into any slowdown with DF, yet?

  4. 4 jesselawrence

    I should try out the latest version…

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