Well, this is it. I have accepted a new position at work, so for the next two months I will be hauling my sleep deprived self all the way down to Powell & Victoria. The big news is that I’ve been placed in charge for this hiatus. I always knew it would happen eventually, just not so sudden. I’m a bit excited, bit anxious, and kind of bummed out to be leaving Main street for the fall. Thankfully the current manager has left me in good hands, even preparing an imposing twelve page guide book to answer any of my questions.

Since my commute has now tripled in length, and the weather is on a decline from the awesome summer we’ve had, my bicycle is in need of some upgrades. First step will be to re-install the rear fender to keep any and all rainwater from hitting my underside. There is absolutely nothing enjoyable about spending a day at work with bit’s of mud and grit stuck to your butt while your underwear below is still damp and clingy.

On that note my current riding apparel is somewhat lacking in rain protection. Weather proofing my ride to work is essentially my main concern. For this I’ll need a longer breathable jacket. My current rain jacket is a tad short for me when riding, I could get around this probably with just a longer shirt below that I’m willing to let get soaked. Next on the list would be some decent riding pants or shorts. I have a pair in mind that would be quite decent, pair them up with some warm socks on colder days, perfect.

Other improvements I’d like to have would be a new and better fitting helmet, replace my brake pads for when the wet weather hits, and possibly a rear wheel rack for saddle-bags. It will only be two months however, so purchasing a set of saddle-bags (or even just one!) is a bit of an investment when I already have a capable bag and I really don’t need to be hauling that much paraphernalia to work. On the days when the weather is really just too horrible that riding safely is questionable there is, thankfully, a rather efficient bus route that likely can get me there quicker than two wheels as it’s never quite busy that early in the morning.

Kilimonjaro Dark Jazz Ensemble - Mutations EP

I’ve been listening to this album on and off for the past month and every time it gets better. Some delicious brooding and sinister tones mixed with an eeriness reminiscent of film noir spliced into a documentary about things bad people do. It’s a very well produced release and I look forward to future releases from this project. I know there is one on the way.

4 Responses to “relocated and upgraded”  

  1. 1 Justin

    Congratulations Jesse! It’s about time! But what is with the 2 month time period. What happens after that? You get your own store?! Details man, I want details. Is everyone at Main sad? I would be if I was still there. In some ways I still am, don’t really know why, but maybe it’s cause I”m not good with change. I expect the next time I’m back in Van, I’ll stop by Main and won’t recognize a single person.

  2. 2 Steve

    I cruise by ur new place of work 2 times a day! Almost dropped by on my way home, but wasn’t sure if you’d be there.

  3. 3 Jesse

    Justin, I still visit Main when I’m en route, I get to catch up with the openers.
    Then, since it’s only open until 6pm, I can stop in on my way back too!

    Steve, Yeah, I’ll usually be gone by 3:30, but sometime… sometimes… ill be there the whole hog.

  4. 4 Robert

    Also don’t forget to wear a gas-mask to ward off the stench of chicken slaughter.


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