New Commute


The lazy days of Summer are over. Scarves and boots are being dug out of closets, a surplus of solitary occupied vehicles have joined the stuffed to capacity buses and trolleys on the streets, and rain is in the forecast.

August was a particularly busy month for me and my girlfriend. Beginning in July and into the next month we’ve been hosting visitors on our cat slashed orphaned piece of sectional sofa. Our first guest was my girlfriends best friend who not only spent her two weeks of vacation just to come visit, but traveled all the way from Atlanta, Georgia just to do it. That’s a special friendship right there. Myself, I was working a fair bit during this time thus enabling old the ladies an abundance of time to hang out and make the most of it.

My personal rewards for keeping my nose to the grindstone this summer was two separate trips to my family’s cabin on Adams Lake. The first trip I took was immediately after our first visitor said her farewells. Leaving my beautiful girlfriend behind, I collected my three best friends and we trundled up to the cabin with a trunk full of food, sleeping bags and beer. Essentially we spent the better portion of the week doing as little as possible, however, one feat of epic proportions was a hike we took up one of the nearby hills.

I’m not a hiker or any kind of woodsman really and the hill we chose to climb has defeated me in past summers, but this time we were ready.

fake smile is fake

Despite my smile in the picture, I was in most likely hood quite miserable and only smiling because of that fantastic hat.

2 Responses to “New Commute”  

  1. 1 Steve

    Dude, tell it like it was. She’s no hill, she’s a damn MOUNTAIN! And the unholy heat, my god!

    We only just barely made it up and back because we had John the survival machine leading us. And I had some genuine concern for you, Wobbles. It’s definitely a good thing Old Man Kurt chose to sit that one out – probably woulda broke a hip or something.

    Yeah, that hike and that whole trip was awesome. Looking forward to the next one. :D

  2. 2 Kurtis

    I’ll make you eat those words, Steve!

    How about, “it was a good thing good ol’ Kurt sat that one out ’cause he already had a nice pasta in the works by the time we got back.”

    Yeah, I’ll put myself back together for the next one. Maybe it’ll be in the snow!

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