Almost eleven-o-clock at night on a Sunday and I’ve got a strange craving for a sugar loaded grape Crush soda. Let me pause before continuing so I can collect one of these delicious treats.

Several minutes pass

Well so much for that idea. The grocer across the street probably hasn’t had a carbonated grape drink pass through it’s automatic sliding door since Capers/Whole Foods moved into the neighbourhood a couple years ago. Now that I think about it, the last time I even saw a Crush Grape soda was in a hardware and lumber supply store, stacked in 24-pack flats in the center of the aisle, next to orange, root-beer, cream-Soda, and probably some sort of lime flavoured variant.

Tonight is one of those rare nights where I’m able to enjoy some modest spurts of productivity amidst the barrage of online distractions. Between a rampant deluge of Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook status updates, e-mails, and Blog posts I barely have time to copy and paste. I’m being overly dramatic, I don’t follow Twitter at all.

As for the previously mentioned productivity, I was able to churn out a few work related bits in illustrator. Nothing really fancy, just replacing some worn out signage and thought I would use this opportunity to give it a little charm instead of the tired center-aligned Times New Roman or Comic Sans notices that every office computer hooked up to a printer has spit forth at one point or another. I really enjoy spending the time it takes dragging out vertices and setting up guides to produce something in Illustrator. Far too little of my time has been invested in this interest lately and I can really tell a lot of my interface muscle memory is now atrophied.

Jarboe - Mahakali

“MAHAKALI”, ( Kali is the feminine of “kala”- “darkness”, Maha is “great” ) is named after the mythical indian goddess of death and destruction, as mentioned in the Mahabarata and other indian epics. – The Living Jarboe

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