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As I’m sitting here on an rainy Friday, diligently backing up over 500 gigs of data from one hard drive to another before the old one dies, I’ve decided to post. Copying this much information, while relatively easy and simple, is rather time consuming when you are using limited transfer rates.

What’s new these days? Quite a bit actually. My workplace has had a slice of the hierarchy re-arranged, with Robert taking off to the east coast, management being switched around, and my own schedule changing from evenings to those always unpleasant early early mornings. Getting up before 5:00AM is not my cup of tea, but the perks of having afternoons off and better days off to share with my girlfriend is something I cannot deny.

Speaking of my girlfriend, yesterday was her birthday and we celebrated with a SEVEN course tasting menu at the Banana Leaf last night. It was a last minute decision, and one I’m glad we made. The meal was delicious, full of variety, and by the end we were stuffed silly. Back at home there was plenty of chocolate and cake waiting. The bakery staff mispelled my name on the cake, it’s not “Jessie“, and never will be.

In our free time these past few weeks, me and my lady have been delving deep into Fallout 3. We each approach games differently so our characters within the game have taken considerably different routes. For me, the game is also a slice of nostalgia, familiar elements from the first two games are in abundance, details are everywhere, and the fun factor is high. It’s a game that has been worth the wait, and is very immersive for anyone who likes to spend a little time in a wasteland.

Completely on the other end of the video game spectrum, sans gore, very light comic mischief, and nothing but cute is Animal Crossing: City Folk. This is the game you play when you want to relax, spend some time never worrying about a ghoul who might be around the corner, the biggest fear is getting stung by a bee. Me and my girl have both set up homes in Cubetown, and are slowly paying off our debts to the infamous Tom Nook.

All these are just distractions from things I should be doing, things I’ve decided I should be doing, and things I must be doing. Half way through painting a room, organizing clutter, and repairing stuff. I did successfully repair two light switches, one I did major enough damage to that I actually took the time to tackle the issue. Still have another lamp socket that needs replacing, a cat that needs vet attention, and my own teeth that need a dentist soon?

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  1. 1 Steve

    Thanks for the update, dude. Seems like it’s been ages…..

    Did you get the Wii-speak peripheral w/Animal Crossing?

    Your priorities: take your poor cat to the vet! Then go to the dentist, if you need it. Health matters before cosmetic.

    Say Happy B-Day, to Kat, for me. :-)

    I like the new look.

  2. 2 jesselawrence

    No, i didn’t bother with the peripheral. All they would hear is the shotguns from fallout blasting away.

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