the cafe crawl


Last Friday I drank a lot of coffee, perhaps too much coffee.

With a handful of co-workers and peers from Cafe Crema we set out on an express cafe crawl through Vancouvers streets. Robert Csar put together a much more thorough post than I can manage on the subject, He was also our ringleader of sorts. The original plan, I believe, was to assemble a much larger group of coffee geeks and those aspiring to be, so that we could create a bit of espresso chaos and pressure on a few of the locations not used to the constant ‘line up out the door’ phenom that we encounter on a daily basis over on Main St.

Having only five (later raised to six) turned out to be a boon, as the group was far more manageable and we were able to squeeze in our cafe visits before some of us had to start our own shifts at work.

Excited & already buzzing

We started off at homebase, JJ Bean, with the luxury of being chauffeured around by the gratious George we zipped through Wicked Cafe, Elysian Room, and 49th Parallel within record time. At this point I was already regretting starting at JJ Bean. The feeling of just one too many double shots of espresso was setting in. Our plan was to then continue on downtown and visit Cafe Artigiano on Hornby followed by Bump N’ Grind out on Commercial. We decided to nix the trip out to Commercial in favour of visiting the new Wicked Cafe that we discovered had just opened up that day.

The new Wicked Cafe - Arthur pouring us some cappucinnos

It was a fun experience, I had never really visited that many cafes in one day. The toll it took on my stomach later however was not a fun time. I’m perplexed how some of the more avid coffee enthusiasts can take on upwards of ten cafes in a row. The hasty delivery service we were priviledged with between each cafe probably worsened the effects. Ingesting four double shots within the span of two hours is where the real damage was done.

A big thanks to George from Crema for driving us around town and coming along. He’s got to be very busy as crunch time approaches for the National Barista Championships.

Nicely poured Capp from Arthur at Wicked

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  1. 1 John Giannakos

    Sweet Blog, Nice post, and nice meeting you. We’ll have to plan a round two soon :)

    ps: Bauhaus and Helvetica == nice.

  2. 2 jesselawrence

    thanks, nice meeting you as well.

    it’s actually ‘Chalet’ that particular version has similarities to Bauhaus. Good eye.

    I plan on making my way through Ambleside one of my days off… I’ve yet to actually visit Crema

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